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Bergamot juice is flying out to new markets

Synonymous with Arància Calabra, this product originates from citrus fruits harvested along the coast of Calabria.

The citrus groves enjoy climatic conditions and exposure to the sun, which leads to natural maturation. The generous fertility of the land gives the fruit a unique flavour.

A result of healthy and natural production, ARAN-C is produced by the Agro Piccolo company, which was started by the Piccolo family. The company has operated in the agri-food sector for several years, especially in regards to the processing of excellent citrus fruit.

Dr Giuseppe Piccolo determined to bring the citrus fruits of Calabria into our drinking glasses, so as to make known the goodness of ARAN-C outside its own borders. The quality of the product is guaranteed by its innovative form of packaging and delivery. 



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